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Student Software Licensing

Software Licensing Overview

There are three kinds of licensing available on campus. If you are eligible, these options are less expensive than purchasing "retail" box copies.

(1) "Campus-Wide Software Licensing" covers everyone at RPI, and allows some software to be downloaded for free. See this page for available packages and instructions.

(2) "Department Software Licensing" is applied on a department-basis, usually depending on the head-count of staff that were included when the contract was made. Also under this category are per-copy licenses such as Microsoft's Open License.  Refer to the main menu link on the right for detailed information on "Department Software Licensing."

(3) "Student Software Licensing" is available for certain packages, and allows students to obtain a license and the media for the product.  See the following section for detailed information on "Student Software Licensing."

Student Software Licensing 

The following products are available for purchase under Student Software Licensing.  These are not "retail" box copies, but include media, and any documentation is provided on the media or must be downloaded from the web.


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